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08/19/09 10:12 AM #72    

Juli Merritt (Rogers)

What happened to Sheila? I saw her in June at First Baptist Church Choir Reunion. She seemed fine. This is very disturbing news, but thanks for letting us know.
Juli Merritt Rogers

08/20/09 09:28 AM #73    

Cyndi Horton (Riehle)

Hey Juli,
I don't know the cause of Sheila's death yet. There are a few people checking on it for me and I will post it when I hear back from them. This is sad news, I really liked Sheila.

08/21/09 09:56 AM #74    

Juli Merritt (Rogers)

Sheila Ginn Smock had an apparent heart attack on Sunday morning, August 16. She was at home when this happened. Her husband, Werner, was at First Baptist Church, playing in the orchestra. From what information my mom had, there was no precipitating illness or episode to indicate that she had any health problems.

09/13/09 03:32 PM #75    

Edward Lose

2016 will be here before we know it. I hope everyone is able to attend, especially those living locally.

Cyndi, have you thought of using one of those Internet people finders. I found Tammy Craven. I admit, perhaps if we have to go that far they may not want the intrusion. Eddy

01/23/10 09:00 PM #76    

Tim White

This is so cool. Thanks so much for the tremendous effort it just have taken to pull this together. Going through all the names was such a rush of old and nearly fogotten, but great memories!

02/01/10 08:56 PM #77    

Johnnie Green

Thank you for the "Holy Grail" bit...Ed Gillespie, Debbie Finerty, Renee' Daniel and I went every week for a month...simpler times.

04/07/10 10:06 PM #78    

Allen "Butch" Jenkins

There will be a small 76rs get together at chips and salsa on bailey cove this friday night around 6ish.

04/12/10 01:43 PM #79    

Edward Lose

Glad to see the ladies got together recently. I would guess that the pics taken prior to the arrival of the Frozen 'ritas. Eddy

04/13/10 04:52 PM #80    

Cyndi Horton (Riehle)

Ha! The lampshades came out later!

06/25/10 11:02 AM #81    

Juli Merritt (Rogers)

Cyndi, I just found out that Tim Croft (HHS Class of 76, WJHS classmate) died on Wednesday night. I'm at work now & don't have access to FB. I'll try to find out more

07/17/10 08:00 PM #82    

Allen Myrick

Tim's Obit and Guest Book entries at:


sorry to hear of his passing....

12/06/10 11:14 AM #83    

Edward Lose

Had to laugh about the Lunch Lady Land skit.  My mom was a lunch lady at Grissom while we were there.  We took our lunch daily - hmmmmm.  She eventually became the manager and retired in 1995.

Lindsey and I are doing well.  I appreciate the support and prayers.  Eddy

10/20/11 05:39 PM #84    

Mike Ward


·         Attention Grissom Football Alumni.  The GHS Football Booster Club is hosting a pre-game gathering Friday, October 21 before the Grissom vs. Huntsville football game.  All Grissom Football Alumni and friends of Grissom Football are welcome to join us in the parking lot of Milton Frank Stadium at 5:45pm to meet up with former teammates and reminisce about the good old days, the game starts at 7:00pm, then we'll meet after the game at Baumhower's Wings Restaurant.  See the Football Website for details or go to Facebook Grissom Football Alumni.

01/25/16 09:20 AM #85    

Ruth Yvonne Davis

Just wondering if there is going to be a 40th reunion?  I haven'd heard a word, and don't do the facebook stuff, does anybody know?

01/26/16 08:19 AM #86    

Bonnie Pierce (West)

Hi, Ruth, I was wondering the same thing.  Haven't heard about it if we are.


01/26/16 09:19 AM #87    

Larry Moore

Ruth & Bonnie ( and anyone else ):

This is Larry Moore. I saw your post about the reunion. I am not on the official committee, but I understand that the Class of '76 is going to have its 40th Reunion the weekend of July 16. I also understand they are planning a get together with the HHS Class of '76 on the night of Friday, July 15. Not sure exactly what the plans are for the reunion or the venue as all of that is above my pay grade. I know Roger Schneider and Candy ( Cason ) Burnette are on the official committee and will say something to them about making sure a "Save the Date" has been posted if it has not already. Look forward to seeing you there as this is the reunion that I expect all of us to just congratulate each other for surviving this long.:)

01/26/16 12:40 PM #88    

Diane Shunk (Bryant)

My question is how did we get this old? LOL! Would enjoy seeing everyone!

01/27/16 12:16 AM #89    


David Pline

Hey Guys,

There is a facebook group set up,  "Grissom High School Class of 1976".  It is a closed group, but you just ask to join and if they know you are a 76' graduate you should be welcomed.  Roger Schneider has put out the information about the July 16th weekend.



01/27/16 09:41 AM #90    

Ruth Yvonne Davis

WOW! I don't have facebook (never have never will--on purpose), but wondered why over the past year I'd write emails and posts on the contact us of this website, and NEVER get responses -- even contacted them on the site. 

If somebody has facebook, please let them know to at least come back to the "official" website here and fill us in on the secret reunion!. 

I remember in the past while living in NYC 35 years, that I'd wonder why I didn't know if there was a reunion coming up (my address & phone would stay the same for decades), and finally get response that they had the reunions and told the "locals" since they got together often.  Out of sight - out of mind.  Thanks!

Granted--I am caregiving for my 87 yr old handicapped parents (mom is now unable to stand or walk and we have to tote her round on a hoyer lift), and might not be able to leave -- but July is a while away, and anything could happen!   I still like to know what goes on and still be included.    Thanks for anybody filling me in on what's going on.

01/28/16 07:12 AM #91    

Patricia Graham (Bancer)

I believe the dates are July 15 and 16.

01/28/16 11:04 AM #92    

Fay Lewis (Leo)

Ruth, I thought I saw you at the 30th reunion. We "locals" Hope to see you in July😊

01/29/16 09:26 AM #93    

Ruth Yvonne Davis

I missed the 20th because of work, and thought there'd be a landmark 25th--that was when I was told it was for the locals. I was indeed finally there for the 30th--but it was funny that I spent a lot of time filling out the questionnaire when sending in my check to attend--and sent it the very week I received the info in the mail--but my profile in the class book was blank--made me feel right at home! HA!  I was told a professional service had put together the reunion that year... 

Even though I'm homebound with my parents at the moment, anything can change before the summer, but assumed the reunion plans would've been going on over rthe past year and couldn't get any responses on this site (and at first it wasn't even allowing the message board to work--and see there were no posts for seeral years until recently), so I guess it's been upgraded or fixed in time for all these questions!  YEAH!!. But do hope I get the chance to see the new Grissom I've heard through the grapevine about from Christmas cards to my parents from old Huntsville neighbors--and see all the changes in the city -- I usually was only in town a couple of days and stayed in Madison with church friends from decades back, so I didn't get to see much of Huntsville since I flew in and had no car because of living in NYC..

Thanks for all ther responses.   

02/15/16 12:14 PM #94    

Roger Schneider

All, next GHS 76 reunion is scheduled for weekend of July 16, 2016 at the new entertainment facility where Stone Middle School used to be. Deposit is b paid, Bubba's will cater and the place is brand new. Looks great! We'll be scheduling an event Friday night but would like to know feelings about Saturday day and Sunday events.

08/09/17 04:47 PM #95    

Carol Ray (Revels)

I am looking for a trustworthy and reliable maid to clean my parents' home in Redstone Village once a week.  My mom would like for the maid to be able to drive her to the grocery store or similar on occasion.  If you have someone or know of someone that you can recommend in the SE Huntsville area, I would greatly appreciate their name and number.  You can email me at

Thanks so much, Carol Ray Revels

08/09/18 04:48 PM #96    

Susan Wilson Detwiler (Class Of '77)

'76 classmate Honor McMillion's Life Celebration will be held Saturday, August 18, 2018 at 6 PM - 8 PM CDT @ Ditto Landing in Huntsville for a sunset toast on the hill at the Pavilion. Honor was all about her friends and being together. She would love nothing more than for us all to be together to remember her, remember old times, laugh and love together in her name. So dawn your best flip flops, hip huggers and round glasses, girls put some braids and flowers in your hair and come celebrate this precious soul with us. Bring your own sweet tea, wine, beer or whatever and some goodies and food to share and please join us. PLEASE EVERYONE invite others not included on this list even if you can not come invite others. From '76 classmate Elizabeth Kinsey.

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