Jim Robinson

Profile Updated: April 13, 2017
Residing In: Huntsville, AL USA
Spouse/Partner: Donna - Married 2012
Homepage: http://huntsvillehomesrealty.com
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Occupation: Real Estate Broker @ Huntsville Homes, LLC,
Children: James born 1989 -

Life's still a great ride. Married senior year of college. Divorced several years later. (UPDATE: Married again in 2012!!! Just celebrated five year anniversary in March of 2017.) It was a difficult time but we got through it. I have the best son in the world! Living solo now since early nineties. Involved in Internet marketing some twenty plus years.

(Update 2017) I have proprietary marketing software now and other techy things that make life great. Just finished writing a little code that lets people vote via sms and automatically records the results with date and time and phone number of who voted. Great for all kinds of voting and contests. Reach out if you have a need for this kind of stuff. :)

Have new Grandson now, will be one year old very soon! He just visited with his Dad yesterday. We had a great time! He is fourth generation James Robinson. I'll post a few more pictures today. Haven't updated here in some time. Really sad seeing how many of us have left this planet. Looking forward to seeing them again. Jesus is Lord of all!

God is good and life is too! You can find me on Twitter @HuntsvilleHomes and also on facebook, linked in, etc.

I run Huntsville Homes, LLC, Advertising Alabama, LLC, and a business marketing and loyalty program company called WiFi.4u.io (I have no business interest in Radon Finders now, but my old partner, Jimmy Manley now runs it solely. Please call Jimmy for testing at 256-337-0779 if you haven't had your home tested.) Jim is a certified radon gas measurement provider helping test homes in our area to safeguard against lung cancer.

Many people don't know that radon gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the U.S according to EPA. And further, that an individual's chance of surviving beyond five years after they are diagnosed with lung cancer is only 15%. So, everyone please test your home whether you use a kit or hire a professional. Just test OK?

I love to talk about Jesus too. You know, alive, like the Bible talks about. Some of my old friends might find that a bit humorous, maybe for me. Looking back, ... oh well, lots to be thankful for! Many good times and good friends. Blessings all.

Sad to read here of friends in our class that have already left this life. I believe each of them has a significant impact on the lives of those they knew. I am thankful for that too. This is such a great website for our class - I really enjoy reading profiles of old friends. Thanks for reading. Jim

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Jim Robinson has a birthday today.
Dec 18, 2018 at 4:33 AM
Jim Robinson has a birthday today.
Dec 18, 2017 at 4:33 AM
Jim Robinson posted a message.
Apr 13, 2017 at 11:31 AM

April 2017 - I am in search of like minded computer savvy, sales proficient people to help complete ten year project to help better our community. Ground floor opportunity with possible vested ownership positions for accomplished leaders. Needed: Sales & Marketing managers, Sales personnel, social media management experts, and graphic technology specialists to implement proprietary technology footprint for local markets. Market share growth of 13-18% local market share in multiple markets is expected along with a company gross sales increase of $120,000 per month within 18 months of launch generated from only one of thirty-three income streams. Business combines online and offline sectors.

Interested in a working position to control your own income raise?

Please send resume with current photo to: Community Betterment Inquire Here

Also we have the following needs...

Immediate opening: Accounts manager for MadisonHomeAndLand.com and HuntsvilleHomeandLand.com

View Madison Home and Land.com

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Donna Robinson
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Just celebrated five years of marriage! Her name is Donna. (Remarried in 2012)   

For me, I was lucky to graduate. I never went to class much my junior and senior years. Seems I was mostly bored and exploring aspects of my life other than academics. I made it though.

I give a Great Big thanks to Mike Ward for his kind efforts on my behalf so many years ago. Likely he has done something nice specifically for some of you also. He quietly helps others as we all should. It seems unfair sometimes; these twists and turns in life.

What matters is the talents we share, moments of encouragement, and acts of selfish giving to our fellow man. I hope we all cherish each moment we have and intentionally give daily to help someone else. Many of you do that so well and have for years. I just wanted to say I am blessed to have been in the same graduating class. I stay under the radar mostly now even though many follow me on twitter and other social networks not knowing who I am. That's fine with me as long as greater good comes from their interactions. Maybe I should have written this elsewhere in my profile page. I just didn't look for better placement. Best wishes you to guys (and ladies) for a long continuing healthy life. I hope you love Jesus like I do or even more!

'Till my next update, God bless you all!
P.S. Wanted to share a pic or two of my bride (OK... I wanted to share but system didn't allow me to do so. Oh well... Sorry)

Jim Robinson has a birthday today.
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Jim Robinson has a birthday today.
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Jim Robinson has a birthday today.
Dec 18, 2014 at 4:33 AM
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Donna Robinson
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